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Historical Letter
                                            on the Kajukenbo Prayer
                                              By Sifu Al Dacascos

Kajukenbo at the beginning of it's conception has had a mediated prayer.
Keep in mind that all members of the original founders were Christians
and this prayer was written for the Kajukenbo clan by one of it's founders,
Frank Ordenez in 1947,  In almost all sections of Kajukenbo, Kenpo-Karate,
Tum Pai, Ch'uan Fa, and the Wun Hop Kuen do sections, this prayer is recited.
It is not mandatory in all sections, leaving it with the head of the school or class
to use at his or hers discretion. Also note that associations and schools that have
departed from Kajukenbo still keep to the tradiation of using the prayer as a
means of recognizing their roots. Some schools when going throught the prayer,
will kneel down on one knee, one hand down on the floor, others elect to go down
on both knees.
1. Almighty and Eternal God, 2. protector of all who put their trust in thee 3. accept the humble homage of our faith and love in thee the one true God. 4. Bless our efforts to preserve the integrity of the United States, 5. A nation founded on Christain Principles, 6. enlighten our rules, 7. guide our law makers, 8. protect the Sanctity of our homes and 9. bless our efforts in these exercises whose sole purpose is developing our bodies to keep others mindful of thy Commandments. 10. give us perseverance in our actions that we may use this as a means to keep closer to you, the one true God. * In the name of thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen


"Long life"