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Team Tapec Health & Fitness


 Grand Opening of TEAM TAPEC Health & Fitness in the month of January 05'

What does Team Tapec Health & Fitness offer?

T.T.H.F. Jake Tapec is the founder of T.E.A.M. T.A.P.E.C. HEALTH & FITNESS. T.T.H.F. offers a variety of health choices and opportunities that everybody can take advantage of! The focus areas of T.T.H.F. include: Cardio, Muscle Toning, Weight Loss, and Self-Defense.

Dedicated to the belief that proficiency in the doing of an art is not synonymous with proficiency in the teaching of an art, T.T.H.F. has created an ever-changing learning environment in which children, students, and instructors learn what is best, from the best, in martial arts today.

Through the sharing of relevant techniques, combined with a superb educational curriculum, T.T.H.F. program is a unique supplement to your art, intended to help students to become better instructors, and instructors to become better teachers.

Certification Program

T.T.H.F. curriculum of subjects and seminars are designed to offer each member instructor an opportunity to receive certification at five separate levels, each dependent on completion of a prescribed course of instruction.

The Gift Certificate is for an unlimited three month period, and is specifically designed to encourage each member's continuing participation in the learning, in the sharing, and in the teaching of martial arts knowledge.

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